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Now is not the time for you to shrink back and play small. You were created for a purpose, now is the time for you to discover what it is. Lost, confused, don't know where to start; we can help. Feeling overwhelmed and burned out; we have a solution. Discover our unique process for creating goals that will help you to become the women you've always dreamed of. We combine proven techniques with biblical truths to help you discover your purpose and master your goals. You'll build your dream life; one goal at a time so that you grow through the process. You deserve to be great!

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What People Are Saying

“Kasey was already an inspiring woman when I first met her. I got the opportunity to work with her and experience her leadership and coaching. Kasey works with women who are dream builders. Women who believe in achieving their life goals. I am blessed to have Coach Kasey inspiring me to believe that I deserve all I dreamed of. And when I know to put God first in my dreams, all fall into the right direction.Thank you Coach Kasey for your support.”

Nadeje Montes, Business Coach

“I have known Kasey Cooper for several years. It has been my honor to watch her grow into a strong, passionate woman. She creates a safe environment for her clients to seek healing. Kasey has displayed dedication to the transformation and stability of her clients as they reach their projected goals.”

Domasha Beavers, M. Ed & Personal Coach

Meet the Creator

"Search where your pain is and you'll also find your strength."

Kasey Cooper

Life Coach

Kasey Cooper is a life coach who specializes in helping women of color live the life they truly want by teaching them how to accomplish their goals, fast. She spent over 10 years providing social services to improve the social and psychological functioning of children and their families. Her Women Dream Builders Program combines proven techniques with biblical truth. Kasey's clients develop a closure relationship with God while improving the 6 key areas of their life. Born in Toledo, Ohio, Kasey lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband Cameron and their two boys.
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